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Alfaerie Expansion Set 6


Welcome to expansion set 6! This set was designed and created by Matthew La Vallee.

Download the expansion set in a single .zip file:


Ballista (inverted)


Cannon (inverted)

Champion 2

Dabbahrider Ferz

Dababbahrider Wazir 2


Dire Knight



Draft Horse

All Seeing Eye

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By Matthew La Vallee.
Web page created: 2008-08-19. Web page last updated: 2008-08-19

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It was last modified on: 2008-08-19
 By Matthew  La Vallee. Alfaerie Expansion Set 6.
2008-09-26Matthew La Vallee Verified as Matthew La ValleeNone Thank you very much, Antoine, for adding these, and the other icons I've sent you to the Alfaerie: Many list. Edit
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2008-09-11Antoine Fourrière Verified as Antoine FourrièreNoneOkay, I've added them to alfaerie-many.Edit
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2008-09-09Charles Daniel Verified as Charles DanielExcellent
These look very good - 
I will definitely use them in my zillions files. 

Does anyone know how to use these icons for a game courier preset though? I have no
idea how to use anything other than the usual alfaerie set when making a preset.  
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