Alfaerie Omega Chess Variant Image Package v2.0

Welcome to the homepage of Alfaerie Omega, a comprehensive package of 800+ chess piece images you can use in your chess variant applications.


Images can be referred to either using data: URIs, or filenames of the format: color prefix + image base name + .gif. For each piece, the following colors are included:

Prefix Color Convention
w white first player
b blue second player
y yellow third player
r red fourth player
g green
c cyan
o orange
p pink
e grey neutral

White and blue images are stored in the repository, and images of other colors are generated using a script (run make). The script can be modified to generate images of any color for all pieces, or rotated various degrees, if desired.

For convenience, several JSON files are included, listing each piece, its long name, who designed it, where it came from, and informational "tags" (such as animal or compound). For an example of using these files, see the search page.

Change Log

v2.0 (2011/02/26; 800 pieces) is a major revision, breaking backwards-compatibility

v1.5 (2010/11/10; 756 pieces) has a bunch of improvements, notably:

v1.2 (2010/11/04; 699 pieces) adds 20 new and exclusive piece images ("Alfaerie Beta"), and is the first public release, now available on GitHub.

v1.1 (2009/06/13; 679 pieces) renamed the filenames to be all lowercase, and use an underscore instead of a dash. Only affected a few alfaeriemisc images, mostly from Shogi. This change allows the piece filenames (minus extension) to easily be used as identifiers in many programming languages.

v1.0 (2009/06/12; 679 pieces) contained the original alfaerie set, expansion sets 1 to 4, alfaerie plus, and alfaerie misc, in a flat directory structure, with HTML files referencing each file. If you only want the original images, this is the version for you.


The bulk of the images in Alfaerie Omega come from David Howe's excellent Alfaerie Chess Variant Graphics set, plus all the known expansion sets. The following "sets" are included:

For per-image credits, see the "credit" key of aomega.json.

The goal of Alfaerie Omega is to include all known Alfaerie chess graphics into one, flat and consistent archive. Instead of having separate downloads to add new images, a new version of this package can be released when there are new images. Contributions are welcome!


Have a new piece you want to contribute? Problems or suggestions? Check out the GitHub page at


-Jeff Connelly (email: alfaerie-omega [AT] Fork me on GitHub